Brian Shirley

actor | PRODUCER | director

Brian Shirley


About Brian

Brian T Shirley has toured the USA, Canada, The Bahamas and Japan for over 25 years.

In that time he has also been part of an Improv Troupe, Hosted Trivia, Hosted and Co-Hosted Radio Shows, created and hosted 2 Web Series (non scripted) and one scripted web series.

Brian has also appeared in shorts films, Indie films, Feature films, a music video for the Grammy Winning band “Ranky Tanky” called Good Time” and a regional commercial for Western Pest Services.

He’s also been a part of a dramatic proof of concept called “The Third Party” where he was the third billed actor. He continues to act, write, produce and take the stage when he can.

He’s done several virtual shows and has also began narrating audio books. Brian’s background in Comedy, Improv and his various entertainment endeavors have made him a consummate pro who loves being on a film set. Because he is also a content creator, with projects that have won awards in some of the smaller film festivals, Brian understands the creative process which he has great respect for.

In 2021, he can be seen in supporting roles in the films “Mark of the Butterfly” and “Treasure Box”. He’s also beginning 2021 being cast in a couple of music videos, completing narration of several books, doing VO for an animated film to be released in 2022 and writing, directing and starring in the follow-up to his 2018 film “Two go in…one Comes out. A Socumentary” with the much anticipated “Ancient Socks”